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Meetup & Chill Bar by 3ES

Dry mouthed and brain swirling from all the mingling and playing with cool demos? Worry not, we’ve got you covered!

At the Meetup & Chill Bar by 3ES you can sit down for some drinks and snacks, and, of course, enjoy the great company of hundreds of fellow emerging tech & entrepreneurship enthusiasts!

How does it work?

All Match XR 2022 event guests and organizers are welcome to the bar area to enjoy themselves and the refreshments provided by 3ES.

Meetup & Chill Bar by 3ES is all about casual networking with fellow emerging tech and entrepreneurship enthusiasts, and, of course: drinks, food and good music!

Join us at the bar to meet new interesting people, or retreat for some comfortable time to recharge.


What is 3ES?

Meetup & Chill Bar is organized by the 3ES alliance that brings together three different entrepreneurship societies from different universities of applied sciences: LaureaES, MetES and XES.

The alliance and meetup bar aims to bring together communities and people interested in entrepreneurial topics and the solutions of the future.

Come chat with us, grab a cold drink and continue your inspiring day!

Read more about the alliance at 3ES website.


The Bar & Lounge is organized by

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Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society

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XES Helsinki

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Laurea Entrepreneurship Society