Attendee, speaker, potential partner? Need to get in touch with the Match XR 2021 staff? The Helsinki XR Center team will be happy to help!

For general queries please contact [email protected]

Essi Leivo from MatchXR

Essi Leivo

Events and Collaboration Specialist

essi.leivo (at)
+358 50 343 8223

Kira Vesikko from MatchXR

Kira Vesikko

Communications Specialist

kira.vesikko (at)
+358 50 567 9238

Mikko Höök from MatchXR

Mikko Höök

Technology Expert

mikko.hook (at)

Janina Rannikko from MatchXR


Data Curator

janina.rannikko (at)
+358 40 621 2236

Tiina Vuorio from MatchXR

Tiina Vuorio

Operations Lead

tiina.vuorio (at)
+358 50 523 8819

Santeri Suominen from MatchXR


XR Curator

santeri.suominen (at)
+358 44 509 0392

Santeri Saarinen from MatchXR

SANTERI Saarinen

Technology Expert

santeri.saarinen (at)
+358 40 141 2553

Iida Toimela from MatchXR

Iida Toimela

Event and Communications Trainee

iida.toimela (at)