Expo Area

From culture creators to hardware producers – at Match XR you get to experience the amazing solutions of various Finnish companies and organizations working towards the future of Metaverse!

Match XR’s focus point lies heavily on the Expo Area, where interesting companies and organizations showcase their latest solutions focusing on extended reality (XR), Web3, artificial intelligence, and everything in between and beyond. Match XR is your chance to discover what the Finnish XR & emerging tech industry is all about!

In 2023, the Expo Area had 67 exhibitors with extraordinary solutions and demos to experience, and projects to introduce. Below you can find a list of all companies and organizations who showcased their products & projects at the Match XR 2023 event. Click on the names for more information!


People looking at a solution on a computer screen at Match XR 2022 event.
A person trying out a Mixed Reality headset at Match XR 2022 event.
An exhibitor showcasing their solution at Match XR 2022 event.