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Steam application
Attempting to enter!

If you are using the Steam version and experience an issue where AltspaceVR doesn’t open automatically when using the event URL, please make sure you have the app downloaded. The app page on your device should display a Start button instead of a Download button.


I get kicked out of AltspaceVR.
What can I do?

Be sure that you are logged in with only one device per account. AltspaceVR does not notify you that you are logged in in two places, it throws you out of AltspaceVR and informs you that you need to reconnect.

The problem can occur also because of your firewall settings or because Altspace servers have problems.


I don’t see a RSVP button.
How can I get in?

If you have already clicked the “RSVP” button once, it has turned to show “Interested” instead. Now you should find the event inside AltspaceVR, navigate to Menu > Events > Interested and enter Match XR 2020. Notify that you cannot enter the event before it starts.