Trouble registering, using AltspaceVR or something else? Find answers to all frequently asked questions below.

Attending the event

How can I attend the event in AltspaceVR?

Method 1: Entry Code – Preferred

Entry code for Match XR 2021: UFP219

Launch the AltspaceVR app. In the title screen, look to the left to find an Enter Code section. Type in the entry code and you will be forwarded to the event’s screen. Before the event you can add it to your favorites. While the event is ongoing, you can enter the event space.

image from Altspace application

Method 2: URL

URL for Match XR 2021

Log into altvr.com on your browser. Navigate to the event’s page using link above. Before the event you can push the RSVP button to mark yourself as Interested in the event; you can find the event in your Interested section. During the event, you can push the Enter button to enter the event space.

MatchXR event page in Altvr.com

Method 3: Interested section

If you have RSVP’d to the event either by using an Entry Code or URL, it will be added to your Interested section. You can find the Interested section in the title menu of AltspaceVR, or on your browser at account.altvr.com/events/interested. Here you can easily find Match XR 2021 or any other event you have RSVP’d to.

MatchXR interested page in Altspace

How do I make an account on Altspace?

You can make account on the AltspaceVR website. Choose “sign in with Microsoft” and create an account. If you have a Microsoft account, you can use that. If you don’t, you can link other account (such as Gmail) to it. When choosing a username, remember that all visitors in the event can see your name.

Why should I RSVP on Altspace?

RSVPing to the event is optional. However, it makes it easier for you to find afterwards.

In addition, we appreciate the beforehand knowledge of how many participants are planning to visit us in AltspaceVR.

RSVP for Match XR 2021

I don’t see an RSVP button on AltspaceVR!
How can I enter the event?

If you have already clicked the RSVP button once, it will show “Interested” instead. Then you can find the event in your Interested section.

You can also use the Entry Code Code UFP219 to join the event.

Please note that you cannot enter an event before it starts.

How can I get into the event if it has already started?

Navigate to the event using the Entry Code UFP219 or URL. Click the Enter button.

Where do I see the presentations?

We have two instances (worlds) in AltspaceVR: the networking instance (VR Pavilion Finland) and the presentation instance (Aurora Amphitheater).

The Entry Code UFP219 will take you to VR Pavilion Finland, where you can network. Use the teleport to go to the Aurora Amphitheater, where the presentations are held. The teleport is located opposite the Info desk, near the spawn.

Portal to Amphitheater

Technical issues

I get kicked out of AltspaceVR.
What can I do?

Be sure that you are logged in with only one device per account. AltspaceVR does not notify you if you are logged in in two places: it kicks you out of AltspaceVR and informs you that you need to reconnect.

The problem can occur also because of your firewall settings, or because Altspace servers have problems. In this case we recommend following our YouTube stream instead.

Steam application – Attempting to enter!

If you are using the Steam version and experience an issue where AltspaceVR doesn’t open automatically when using the event URL, please make sure you have the app downloaded. The app page on your device should display a Start button instead of a Download button.

AltspaceVR freezes on a computer

Close AltspaceVR by clicking the red X, or force to shut down the program from Task manager. Open AltspaceVR again. Join the event with the entry code UFP219.

Issues with movement

I don’t know how to move!

When using AltspaceVR on a new device or for the first time in a while, we recommend going through the tutorial. The tutorial can be accessed at any time through the Main Menu.

You can find the controls here:

What if I use a teleport portal and end up in an empty room?

Go back to the title screen and use the entry code UFP219 to join the event again.

What if I get stuck inside a wall, floor, or other?

Use the teleport to get yourself to a different place. If this does not work, you need to reload the world. Go back to the title screen and use the entry code UFP219 to join the event again.

Why am I moving slowly?

If you move by using the controller / WASD keys, your avatar is walking. You can run by pressing down the Fire/Run button / left shift key while moving. You can also teleport by pressing down the Teleport button / F key, using the blue line to aim, and releasing the button / key.

Why can’t I move my gaze?

This can happen in 2D mode on the computer if you have opened the circle menu panel and freed your cursor. You know you have this mode on if you see the full circle menu panel in the lower left corner of your screen, and your cursor is a filled circle, which moves freely.

To freeze your cursor and free your gaze, click the right mouse button. Now your cursor should become an empty circle, and the circle menu panel should shrink to show only the mute/unmute icon and clock. You should be able to turn your gaze with your controller mouse movements.

Altspace menu

Sound issues

Why can’t I hear anyone?

Check both your Altspace and computer settings to make sure the right output device is active.

You can adjust audio settings in AltspaceVR by going to the Main Menu (circle middle) > Settings > Audio.

Why can’t people hear me?

Make sure your microphone is on in AltspaceVR. You can find the button at the top of the menu. If it shows up red, it is off – if the button is transparent, it’s on.

Check your AltspaceVR settings to see that your preferred microphone is set as the active device. If you have an external microphone, check that it’s firmly attached to the computer, and turned on.

Note that the audience is muted during the presentations.

Altspace mute button

During a presentation

Why am I muted during a presentation?

We want to give the speaker the spotlight during the presentation. Therefore the audience is muted. This also prevents people from accidentally disturbing the presentation if they forget to mute themselves.

How can I ask a question during a presentation?

  • Click the right mouse button on the computer and find the Emoji button, or find the Emoji button in the menu on your headset. Click on the Raise Hand icon. When the Raise Hand mode is on, you can also find the Raise Hand option from the right corner of your screen when you right click your mouse.
  • A moderator will note your raised hand and unmute you when it’s your turn to ask a question.
  • Most speakers will be networking in one of the Match XR 2021 spaces or Partner Worlds after their speech, so you can talk to them then.
  • If you encounter an issue while being muted, please go to the Info desk in VR Pavilion Finland and notify the staff, or send us an email.
Altspace raise hand button

Why can’t I go near the speaker?

We have made an area restricted for the speaker and staff. This prevents the audience from walking too near and accidentally disturbing the presentation. The boundaries are invisible to the audience.

Why can’t I see presenter’s slides?

Unfortunately AltspaceVR have problem with showing slides if you join with Mac. You can follow full presentations on our YouTube channel here.


How do I find the Menu and the settings?

On the computer, click the right button of your mouse. The circle menu panel should appear in the left lower corner of your screen. Now you can also move the cursor to the control panel buttons.

On the headset, the menu is always visible in the lower left corner of your field of vision. Point at it with your controller.

The largest button in the middle is the Menu button. In the Menu you can find for example the following:

  • The settings: change settings, exit AltspaceVR
  • Events: join events you have RSVP’d to
  • People: see your befriended avatars, message them, or go to their location
Altspace menu

How do I exit AltspaceVR?

Open the Menu button. Navigate to Settings and find the Exit button at the bottom left. On the computer, you can also press the X button on the window.

Why can’t I find people who I know are in the event?

AltspaceVR can only hold 50 people in one instance (version of the world). If there are over 30 people, a new mirror world will be created.

The speaker is shown to all mirrored instances, but the audience might be in different ones.

If you have the other person as a friend, you can use the “Go to” button in your friends list to teleport to the same instance as them. If this instance is full, you will not be able to do so. In this case you can ask your friend to teleport to you instead.

Where can I access the partner worlds of HXRC?

We have multiple partner worlds you can visit during the event. We have created a custom Partner World Selector so you can easily access any of the worlds. The selector is located near the spawn in VR Pavilion Finland, and is labeled “Partner Worlds”. Simply select the world you want to teleport to and confirm your selection.

I have entered a partner world but don’t have a teleport back.
What do I do?

Some Partner Worlds might be missing a teleport back to Match XR 2021. In this case, please go back to the event by using the Entry Code UFP219 or by finding it in your Interested section.

I have more questions.
How can I find an event organizer?

The event organizers will be wearing a HXRC Staff badge on their avatars. There should always be a person at the Info desk in VR Pavilion Finland.

Note that you cannot ask the staff questions in Aurora Amphitheater during presentations. In this case, please go into the VR Pavilion Finland instead.

Nothing works.
What do I do?