Artists, scientists, leaders and investors – Match XR 2021 speakers and panelists are seasoned veterans and promising newcomers across all disciplines of the Finnish XR industry, as well as international guests.

Get to know the confirmed Match XR 2021 speakers below, and keep an eye out for new additions! All panels and speeches will be streamed to VR Pavilion Finland in AltspaceVR, as well as on YouTube.

MatchXR host Rikumikko Kangasmäki

Match XR 2021 host

Rikumikko ‘T-Panda’ Kangasmäki is an esports talent working as a freelancer, casting Dota 2 on the highest international level and stage/desk hosting in CSGO events. A musician by heart and a very calm personality he knows how to find comfort through words – but also knows when to listen and observe!

Laura Olin from Zoan

Laura Olin

COO & Partner at Zoan

Nightwish – A night in a virtual world

Panel: The Future of Metaverse

Nightwish, Fullsteam Agency and Zoan joined forces in May 2021 for two unforgettable virtual concerts in Islander Arms, a virtual tavern. Over 150 000 audience members from 108 countries joined the concerts and tickets were sold for over one million euros.

“This is one of the coolest things Nightwish has ever done, Entwining visual elements, technology and music in such an extraordinary way offers an unique experience to us all”, the band stated.

Zoan was in charge of the technical production of the show, including the fully tailored 3D world with a lot of Nightwish-specific details and customer support.

Urho Konttori from Varjo

Urho Konttori

Co-founder & CTO at Varjo

Varjo – next in line

Panel: The Future of Metaverse

Varjo is a metaverse company which also makes the best VR & XR headsets anyone can buy. Teleportation is at the core of Varjo Reality Cloud, and will be the forerunner technology in the next form of human communication and interaction.

Metaverse is about the virtualisation of everything. Virtual becomes real today only through Varjos true-to-life headsets.

Urho Konttori from Varjo

Olli Sinerma

Senior Advisor, Head of Entertainment Finland at Business Finland

XRtainment – what, how, money?

XRtainment – what, how, why, money? After working 20+ years in creating video games and for past two years building the Entertainment Finland program Olli has gained a 360 view into the finnish entertainment sector’s export stars and how fun works – be it games, movies or audio. A quick, easily digestible rundown on how to make an entertainment project happen in metaverse and how to find government support for it.

Head of Entertainment Finland at Business Finland, Game developer, founder of FIVR.

Laetitia Bochud from Virtual Switzerland and XR4Europe

Laetitia Bochud

Director at Virtual Switzerland
President at XR4Europe

A united vision: federating XR talents & developments in Europe

Virtual Switzerland is the #SwissXR ecosystem expert, facilitator, and accelerator. It promotes the adoption, integration, tech transfer, and development of immersive technologies and future formats in Switzerland and beyond, consulting companies, collaborating in international productions, conferences, fairs, and setting up local and national projects.

XR4Europe is the united European XR association that federates all XR professionals, organizations, and initiatives to support the development, promote, and represent XR innovation, industry, and creativity made in Europe.

XR is a new stage, a new format, but also a community and small industry, alike that of the motion pictures in the 20s.

Ray Pohjanheimo from Ameliate

Ray Pohjanheimo

CEO at Ameliate

What can Psychology offer for VR and vice versa?

Ray Pohjanheimo, Co-Founder and CEO of Ameliate talks about his experience in researching and designing psychological applications for virtual reality. He reviews research on how VR has been used for the treatment of anxiety, autism, depression, phobias, and other issues. He further dives into his own work in designing user experience for therapeutic VR apps and what Ameliate is working on in VR powered cognitive-behavioural therapy.

Frans Tihveriäinen from FlyAR

Frans Tihveräinen

CEO / AR Designer at flyAR Augmented Reality Studio Oy

WebAR is re-inventing QR codes – interactive webAR-experiences bring print to life without the need for app downloads

WebAR (= augmented reality content running on mobile browsers) opens up massive potential to make anything printed so much more. Previously, the need to download apps for this and apps for that was a major bottleneck. Now that is in the past and AR is easier to access with any device. QR codes have been around for ages and people already know how they work – putting QR and webAR together will be a big thing in the very near future.

Frans is the CEO and co-founder of flyAR Augmented Reality Studio – a software-independent creative and fun little AR Studio focusing on creating compelling AR-experiences. flyAR augments reality in many different ways (image & plane -tracking, face filters, spatial AR-experiences…) using various technologies like Unity, Immersal, Spark AR Studio & Zappar.

AR is in everyones pocket, but unfortunately AR-knowledge lags waaaay behind it’s amazing possibilities and potential. The tech is here and solid enough for mass adoption, let’s make AR big together?

Michael Barngrover from Raptor Dance Studios

Michael Barngrover

Founder at Raptor Dance Studios

Collaborative VR: How Far We’ve Come

Michael is a multidisciplinary XR researcher, developer, and consultant with a wide-ranging knowledge of enterprise and creative VR, and is particularly focused on multiuser VR platforms for collaboration. Through the #ZeroEvents, a long-running series of platform explorations for the global XR Crowd community, he has explored and assessed more than twenty multiuser VR platforms.

In his talk, Michael will summarize some of the main lessons and insights taken from the past year and a half of ZeroEvents. He will share practice thoughts and advice to anyone looking to design social VR platforms or to work and host events in them.

Pippa Bostock from University of Portsmouth

Pippa Bostock

Business Director at University of Portsmouth

Building Dream – From Shakespeare to CCIXR

As Business Director for the Centre for Creative and Immersive XR, Pippa utilises her experience and passion for the Creative Industries to specialise in Creative and Immersive XR – developing new and rewarding partnerships at all levels.

Recent projects include:
– leading the creation, development and implementation of the Centre for Creative and Immersive XR (CCIXR) at the University of Portsmouth. This £5.2 million Centre will open in October 2021, exploring 12 areas of immersive technology in innovative and creative ways.
– Project Manager for the University on the Innovate UK Audience of the Future Demonstrator Performance Project. The Demonstrator project (one of 4 in the Uk to receive Industrial Strategy Challenge Funds) investigates the future of immersive technology in the performance sphere – and includes 15 world-leading partners, led by the Royal Shakespeare Company.
-This lead to Pippa becoming one of the Heads of Production for Dream (www.Dream.Online) in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Philarmonia, Manchester International Festival and Marshmallow Laser Feast.
– Project Lead for our collaboration with Turner Prize winning Artist, Tai Shani entitled “Neon Heiroglyphs” for Manchester International Festival.
– Project Lead on our collaboration with International Street Artist My Dog Sighs, creating an immersive soundscape for his exhibition “Inside”.
– Pippa is also the University lead of the Digital Fellowship scheme with the RSC, Magic Leap and Goldsmiths University.
– Successfully attracted funding for a wide variety of research and innovation projects and partnerships.
– Director of Portsmouth Creates CIC and Express FM.
– Experienced Board member, and event professional.

Pippa became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) in 2017, in recognition of her work in this area.

Alex Counsell from University of Portsmouth

Alex Counsell

Technical Director for CCIXR at University of Portsmouth

Building Dream – From Shakespeare to CCIXR

My current role at the University of Portsmouth is Technical Director for the Centre for Creative and Immersive & eXtended Realities (CCIXR) which is a centre that will enable easier access to cutting edge facilities that explore new production and delivery methods, and opens its doors later this year. Over the last 14 years I have established a successful motion capture studio within the University. The ethos of the studio is to engage in cutting edge collaborative projects that train and employ students during their studies. Through this, we have built links with numerous industry partners and practitioners, and have worked with companies such as The Royal Shakespeare Company, Marshmallow Laser Feast, Manchester International Festival, London Philarmonic Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra, SuperUnion and the Imaginarium Studios. Graduates from the studio now work all over the world at companies such as Vicon, the Imaginarium Studios, Weta Digital, ILM and Rockstar Games.

I will be presenting a behind the scenes look at the work that I recently did on Dream, as part of the Audiences of the Future Live Performance Consortium. My role was Motion Capture Supervisor and I was responsible for all live and technical aspects of capturing performance in real time.

Anttoni Vesterinen from Immersal

Anttoni Vesterinen

CEO at Immersal Ltd

Panel: The Future of Metaverse

Immersal has recently become part of Hexagon AB well know in XR industry on the Leica brand. Immersal will stay as independent Company to pursue our Mission to enable Spatial Mapping and Visual Positioning for everyone, everywhere and on every device. We provide a free license to create your own piece of AR cloud and provide paid subscriptions for large Enterprise users and MNO:s.

Immersal is the platform available to everyone to enable AR cloud!

Vesku Paananen from Microsoft Finland

Vesku Paananen

Tech Lead at Microsoft Finland

Panel: The Future of Metaverse

Vesku Paananen has over 15 years experience with Microsoft in various roles in Finland and Western Europe and he has seen the transformation of our work and the development of technologies enabling the modern work over the years. Vesku has been working with various Microsoft technologies from mobile to mixed reality and from Office to HoloLens.

Currently he is leading the team of strategists and architects helping Finnish partners to build their capabilities and solutions based on Microsoft cloud technologies to empower organizations’ digital transformation.

Tommi Palvimo from Wakeone

Tommi Palvimo

CEO at Wakeone

Raute RxEvent – Building an immersive virtual event for a niche global audience

Mark Twain from Softability Oy

Mikko Luukkonen

Solution Sales at Softability Oy

Video based remote support called XReach and D365 Guides consultations, customer stories!

Softability’s XR Studio BU supports manufacturing companies and teaching & training organizations with X-Reality (AR, MR and VR) technologies on mobile and wearable devices such as Microsoft Hololens 2, smart glasses and VR headsets. The use cases range from product training, smart glasses based work instructions, real-time video based remote support and sales & marketing. Softability achieved this year for the 4th time in a row a Great Place to Work certification. Softability is Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program member 2021. Our customer satisfaction rating in 2020 was 4,5 / 5. Satisfied employees deliver high quality projects which leads to great customer experience – with measurable effects.

We have delivered global scale XR projects – the time for XR is NOW!

Jaakko Mattila from Elomatic ViSU

Jaakko Mattila

XR Solution Manager at Elomatic ViSU

Industrial XR applications

ViSU offers visualization and virtualization services for every stage of industrial products and services. Working as part of Elomatic, we possess superior technical understanding and resources that enable us to create the highest quality solutions for industrial XR. From concepts to planning, assembly to training and operational excellence through digital twins, we explore all aspects of XR solutions in order to create the best solutions for each specific use case.

Jaakko is a kind-hearted innovator that shakes current norms and structures. Understanding where we are now and visioning where we can be in the future fuels his every day and moment.

Looking forward to seeing you all at MatchXR 2021!

3D is the raw ingredient that powers all XR applications. Content is King, just like with any other media.

Olli Sirén from Miltton

Olli Sirén

Director, Strategy and change communications at Miltton

Settling metaverse – On the reasons we are leaving the old world behind

Olli Sirén builds extraordinary insights, narratives, concepts, and strategies where and when it matters the most.

The award-winning initiatives The Bells for Aleppo and Restaurant Day both resonated with the discussions, cultural shifts and sentiments relevant at the time. The former targeting the destruction of Aleppo by the bombing coalition spread globally, prompting Vladimir Putin’s response. The then Finnish minister of culture and sports celebrated Restaurant Day as one of the greatest innovations in Finland’s urban and gastronomic culture in decades. This initiative also spread globally, reaching 35 organizing countries at its peak. Consequently, Olli was named the urban citizen (Vuoden kaupunkilainen) of the year in 2011.

Olli has worked as a CEO and creative director and a creative generalist dabbling arts, activism, urban culture, music, radio and writing. He has extensive experience in leading creative thinking and insight-driven planning and production.

In Miltton, Olli heads the advisory’s strategy and change communications practice.

Antti Martikainen from Virtual Dawn

Antti Martikainen

CEO at Virtual Dawn

Democratizing education using Virtual Reality – What is Virtual Reality Education World and how Virtual Dawn is planning to make the world biggest Education platform in VR

Antti is HR professional who turned into VR to embrace the technology and be part of a team who is creating new VR Education worlds and concepts. Sharing the knowhow and content with the world.

Frans Enala from CTRL Reality Oy

Frans Enala

Sales and Marketing Manager at CTRL Reality Oy

World-Class AR and VR solutions

Wondering how augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) could best support your business in training, marketing or engineering?

At CTRL Reality, we are a proud university spin-off using research-proven methods and the latest technology to help you with that question. We create mixed reality (XR) experiences that leave a significant impact in our customers’ processes.

Elevate your performance with XR today!

If you can dream it, we can make it.

Konstamikko Korhonen from School of Gaming Galactic Oy

Konstamikko Korhonen

Game education coordinator at School of Gaming Galactic Oy

Many video games can help kids to practice and learn those important futute skills. With the help of video games, it is possible to develop problem-solving ability, creativity and social skills. The above are a key part of the School of Gaming educational content.

Jussi Havu from Glue Collaboration

Jussi Havu

CEO at Glue Collaboration

Jussi Havu is CEO of Glue Collaboration, a company helping teams around the world to collaborate remotely in more productive and sustainable ways using a cloud-based virtual collaboration platform. Jussi is a business executive with more than 15 years of experience in working for large corporations and startups around the world in dispersed and high performing teams and now he channels his first-hand experience into the development of Glue. Prior to Glue, Jussi has been working in various strategy, sales, business development and finance roles both at large corporations like Nokia and Microsoft as well as previously at automated driving startup Aimotive as their Chief Commercial Officer.

MatchXR speaker Tommi Merelin

Tommi Merelin

CMO at Arilyn
Product Manager at Virtual Art Gallery

Creating new business in another dimension

XR has reached a state where trailblazer businesses can see its true unicorn power – improving customer engagement, scaling reach and brand positioning.

Arilyn is on a mission to enable XR for any business with easy entry concepts or go all-in with custom XR productions. Arilyn collaborates with brands that want to make an impact and leave their mark.

Arilyn’s spin-off brand, Virtual Art Gallery, aims to disrupt the Art market – Creating a more democratic and sustainable Art world with 3D online Art exhibitions. Virtual Art Gallery is connecting all stakeholders to share their love for art and to scale.

Arilyn is a full-service XR studio, designing and creating immersive experiences since 2013.

XR is the UI of the 4th industrial revolution. There are colossal first-mover advantages for those who dare.

MatchXR speaker Rasmus Borg

Rasmus Borg

Pedagogic Lead at 3DBear Oy

Immersive learning environments

3DBear provides easy-to-use and pedagogical 3d technology solutions and supports teachers to implement virtual learning environments in their teaching.

Jukka Seppänen from POKE Vocational College

Jukka Seppänen

eLearning Specialist at POKE Vocational College

POKE Vocational College’s Digilab offers XR education for wide variety of audiences, from basics to content creation. We are determined to bring these new learning possibilities for everyone interested, and to get the rest to see the potential as well. We also train our own staff in everything XR technology related to enrich their education methods and experience, and keep our students engaged with new ways to learn.

Personally I’m very keen to learn new technologies, how to utilize them and I’m always trying to think outside the box, and then share this knowledge, and my own methods, the best I can.

MatchXR speaker Katja Huttunen

Katja Huttunen

Master Gedu at School of Gaming Galactic
Coordinator of Technological Education at POKE Vocational College

I’m game educator and I work for the School of Gaming Galactic. I teach children communication and collaboration skills, online etiquette and safety, and much more while playing Minecraft. I started a game educator (Gedu) in the spring of 2020. I have hosted clubs on three different continents in the last year and a half.

I also have a title Master Gedu, which means I help new Gedus with multiplayer settings regarding Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

My main job is as a Coordinator of Technological Education at POKE Vocational College. I studied at POKE Vocational School as a practical nurse and after graduation I started working for the school. I help teachers and students with new equipment and learning environments. I work on many different projects, but the biggest part is to show how technology can be increased and utilized in learning in the social and health fields. And also increasing young people’s entrepreneurship and helping young people identify their own skills and how they can make the most of them.

MatchXR speaker Begüm Doğan

Begüm Doğan

Marketing Director at VRKiwi

Begüm Doğan, the Marketing Director of the biggest Finnish VR game development & publishing studio VRKiwi- by MeKiwi, who has been spreading her marketing magic for 10 years, and in the last 4 years, she is using her powers to make all VRKiwi games shine ✨

Game makers are shaping the future!

MatchXR speaker Merih Arikkök

Merih Arikkök

AR/VR Account Manager at MeKiwi

MeKiwi is an XR development house from Northern Europe’s technology hub Oulu, Finland with solutions that focus on tailor-made immersive XR (AR/VR/MR) applications for B2B clients. Under its VRKiwi brand MeKiwi develops and published VR Games such as the successful Cave Digger VR game series.

MatchXR speaker Petri Rajahalme

Petri Rajahalme

Partner at FOV Ventures

Panel: The Future of Metaverse

Petri will be moderating the Future of Metaverse panel.

FOV Ventures invest in pre-seed and seed stage companies building towards the Metaverse.

Anna-Maria Nurmi from Konnevesi

Anna Nurmi

School Principal at Municipality of Konnevesi

Konnevesi upper secondary school has a VR, AR, Games project that’s funded by the Finnish National Agenfy for Education. The project has widen my pedagogical thinking as well as my teachers thinking through XR. During COVID-19 the VR has brought the world to us and VR as well as AR has given a whole new meaning for experiential learning. Department of teacher education in the University of Jyväskylä and POKE – Vocational College have been our important partners on our way towards future educational and pedagogical possibilities. We have started from scratch with XR and now we want to lead the world of education towards the many possibilities XR has to offer.

Petro Pitkänen from Jyväskylä University

Petro Pitkänen

Student at University of Jyväskylä

I’m a masters student at University of Jyväskylä majoring in music education. I have participated in a few XR projects through the University in the past year.

Matti Rautiainen from University of Jyväskylä

Matti Rautiainen

Senior University Lecturer at University of Jyväskylä, Department of Teacher Education

Matti Rautiainen has worked on projects combining pedagogy and XR at the University of Jyväskylä.

Anna-Maria Nurmi from Konnevesi

Sara Kristina Elisabeth Kumpulainen

XR Designer, 3D Enviroment Artist at POKE Vocational College, Enterpreneur

I design and build VR environments for organizations, companies and
customers according to their needs and wishes. Witch for example includes 3D modeling, designing and exporting already existing materials to spaces.

I’m organizing and acting as a technical support at various XR events
and train customers how they can make their own events and maintain their worlds.

Also I’m teaching XR technology courses at POKE Vocational College.

Anna-Maria Nurmi from Konnevesi

Merja Juntunen

VR Learning Specialist and Project Researcher at University of Jyväskylä, Department of Teacher Education

JYUXR, the University’s extended reality campus, was launched in December 2020. This virtual campus is the first of its kind in Finland.

Virtual reality campus enables novel modes of learning and offers new kinds of
possibilities to get together and implement different functionalities for studies. JYUXR was taken into educational use right after the opening ceremony by subject teacher students and group of teacher educators. At the Department of Teacher Education, the JYUXR Campus is seen as a natural continuation of the experimental pedagogical development
on new learning environments.

I’m a VR enthusiast and expert in the field of learning in VR.
I think XR technologies have huge potential to change the world of learning.

Pekka Ouli from POKE

Pekka Ouli

eLearning Specialist at POKE Vocational College

POKE Vocational College’s Digilab offers XR education for wide variety of audiences, from basics to content creation. We are determined to bring these new learning possibilities for everyone interested, and to get the rest to see the potential as well. We also train our own staff in everything XR technology related to enrich their education methods and experience, and keep our students engaged with new ways to learn.

Ilona Laakkonen from JAMK

Ilona Laakkonen

Specialist, learning designer at JAMK School of Professional Teacher Education

I work as a humanist in the crossroads of learning and technology, as learning designer, educator and researcher. With technology, I look for solutions that add value to learners and pedagogy, and support both personal and social aspects of learning. I try to rehtink and renew the ways we learn and work.

At Match XR, you will hear me talking about KEXRI, an innovation ecosystem in the making.

JAMK’s School of Professional Teacher Education is a highly esteemed professional pedagogy expert and a sought-after partner in the development of education and guidance. We participate in developing educational institutions and systems both in Finland and iinternationally. Our Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) activities continually create new pedagogical solutions and designs for our partners and networks.

Maria Mäkivirta from University of Jyväskylä

Maria Mäkivirta

University Teacher in Art Education at University of Jyväskylä, Department of Teacher Education

Wondering what new possibilities virtual environments offers for Art Education.
With teacher students we use JYUXR Campus as learning environment as well as Virtual Art Gallery.

Tapani Nevanpää from City of Helsinki

Tapani Nevanpää

Senior Advisor at City of Helsinki

Testbed Helsinki, Innovation challenge of immersive technologies – new ways of enriching the comprehensive event experience of visitors

Testbed Helsinki, Innovation challenge of immersive technologies – new ways of enriching the comprehensive event experience of visitors.

The City of Helsinki is seeking new innovations in event operations with its partners Helsinki XR Center, Fullsteam Agency and Elisa. By using new technology, we wish to find ways to enrichen the comprehensive event experience of visitors.

Nils Konstantinovits from Psychotherapy Centre for Children and Adolescents

Nils Konstantinovs

Child Psychotherapist at Psychotherapy Centre for Children and Adolescents

Virtual Reality psychotherapy: improving accessibility to mental health services

Ksenia Avetisova from TietoEVRY

Ksenia Avetisova

Strategic Development Lead, Innovation Partnerships at TietoEVRY
Enhanced Reality Lab TietoEVRY

Virtual Reality psychotherapy: improving accessibility to mental health services

With background in user experience and digital service design, Ksenia is driven by bringing the human perspective to disruptive tech innovation. As a Head of Enhanced Reality Lab at TietoEVRY over the past years Ksenia has been on the forefront of immersive technology adoption in business context, concepting and delivering immersive solutions in forestry, healthcare, mobility, energy, manufacturing, finance, telecom and retail. Ksenia is a true advocate of digital empowerment, human-centricity, equality, and sustainability. Founder of XR Women Nordic initiative.

Immersive technology is the ultimate tool for empowering people and enhancing their wellbeing and performance