VR Pavilion Finland

Match XR 2021 is spread over two venues in AltspaceVR: you can network in the VR Pavilion Finland, or teleport to the Amphitheather to listen to panels and presentations.

You can also teleport to Partner Worlds, which showcase the works of our collaborators!

VR Pavilion Finland

VR Pavilion Finland was handcrafted during the summer of 2020 to host Match XR and future events in Virtual Reality.
Located in AltspaceVR, it’s a beautiful, otherworldly and versatile venue that is inspired by the Nordic midnight sun, expressionism, surrealism and endless creative potential of VR. It couldn’t exist anywhere (else).

Main Pavilion

The main pavilion has an open community area for networking, smaller special meeting rooms upstairs and a teleportation zone into partner worlds on the ground floor.

AltspaceVR screenshot: An information desk in the middle of a virtual venue.
AtspaceVR screenshot: green couches in a virtual venue.


The main program happens at the beautiful amphitheatre, and it is something you do not want to miss. At Match XR 2020 you can hear what innovative Finnish XR companies, artists and scientists have created, and chat with them face-to-face after presentations.

AltspaceVR screenshot: stage of Aurora Amphitheater, surrounded by northern lights.
AltspaceVR screenshot: a teleport entrance to Aurora Amphitheater.